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Best Lover

베스트러버(최고의 커플) 이미지
  • 제작년도 : 2017
  • 콘텐츠 유형 : TV Drama (Mini-series)
  • 플랫폼 : OTT Operator
  • 타겟 연령 : Teens
The best love story between a handsome country man and an arrogant, pretty woman! Popular actor, Phil-seo and Heiress, Hwan-young had a contractual marriage for?some?unavoidable?reasons. One day, Phil-seo and his ex-lover were capured by a paparazzi so he had to protect her. Hwan-young’s father falls into a coma from a car accident and she realized her father's last will that she will not inherit a fortune unless she gets married some guy within three months and keeps it for three years. To inherit Hwan-young’s father’s fortune and protect Pil-seo’s lover, this marriage must work! But they fall in love each other and hecklers try to break up their marriage. What will happen at the end of this love story ?
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King Content Co., Ltd

King Content Co., Ltd. is one of the best distribution and production companies in Korea which works with media platforms around the world. We specialize in distributing Korean dramas, movies, K-Pop music concerts, entertainment programs, Chinese dramas on various platforms ranging from TV to IPTV, mobile, Internet, VOD, DVD in Asia. Moreover, we expand our business to co-produce documentaries and entertainment programs with global partners and hold K-Pop music concerts and celebrity overseas fan-meeting.


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