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WelCon(Well-made Kcontent)


Bellbug Popo

  • Year of Production : 2013
  • Content Type : Animation
  • Detailed Genre : Edutainment
  • Product Type : Others
  • Target Age : Infants and Toddlers
  • Production Stage : Completed Program
  • Website :
In a small pond of the forest, there live father and mother bellbug. Beautiful bell sound by bellbugs makes the pond pure like a magic. One day, Popo, a cute baby bellbug, was born. Popo, a curious bellbug, went out of the pond and came to meet bug friends in forest. There are exciting stories as Popo plays with the amazing friends in the forest and touching stories, which will make you feel moved as the beautiful bell sound of bellbugs will do.
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About Company

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Founded in 2005, PICTO STUDIO develops and plans children’s animation and character content. Major works have included ‘Bellbug Popo’ (TV series 3D animation aired through KBS, 2013), ‘Bangle School’ (TV series 3D animation aired through KBS, 2017). Now, PICTO STUDIO is working on the planning and production of the TV series animation ‘Aeko and Friends’, ‘Guardian Bag’, ‘Good job Beruf’ and the animated film ‘Building Giant’.

Other Content

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