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아레나 올스타즈 이미지
  • Year of Production : 2019
  • Content Type : MOBA
  • Target Age : All
  • Website :
Arena All-Stars is a real-time strategy game that is compatible between mobile platforms and matches users from 160 countries to enjoy PVP games. Players choose and combine eight of 85 heroes to create a deck with their strategies. In 11 different attributes and four categories of biting and biting each other, you can enjoy a variety of strategies based on hundreds of thousands of combinations. The heroes not only have outstanding characteristics based on eight kinds of Cartoon Network iconic animations, but they can also use various skills and customize them with skin and emoticons. 8 game modes are divided into manager-type strategic battle modes and tactical battle modes, which are valued at manipulation, and various modes are designed to allow users to choose and enjoy their favorite game modes, including 4 single modes and 4 PVP modes. The manager-type strategic battle mode, Auto Arena is the first real-time mobile strategy game content ever.
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Popjoy started out as a mobile game developer in 2013 and has created three strategic RPGs and has global experience. Based on the experience, we set up a local operation, marketing organization for the Indian mobile game market. Based on three important core competencies, we are making 'Perfect Storm' that other developers can not easily replace. Cartoon Network ArenaIs the first project for this vision. Core competencies 1. A.I Technology for Client-server sync optimization 2. License of Cartoon network's iconic animation IP 3. Global marketing platform alliance - Cartoon Network channel Our investors - 2013. Viki founder Angel funding - 2014. Won n partners Seed funding - 2015,2016. kakao ventures, Coolidge corner investment Series A funding

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