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K-Content EXPO 2019 Thailand

K-Content EXPO 2019 Thailand대표이미지

Event Summary

  • Name of EventK-Content EXPO 2019 Thailand
  • Country NameThailand
  • CategoryEvent
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2019 EventInfo

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  • Event & Market Trends
ㅇ The outlook for Thailand's content market - Broadcasting · Thailand has developed a broadcasting market mainly for terrestrial television. Its advertising spending on terrestrial broadcasters in 2018 is about 2.37 trillion won. About 60% of this expenditure is concentrated on several ordinary HD common. · Recently, they have purchased a popular Korean program format and remade it to suit local sentiment. In this way, many broadcasting contents with high viewer ratings are being produced and their ability to produce local contents is gradually improving. - Publishing/Webtoon · Fiction and comics lead the publishing market in Thailand. Since the early 1990s, the popularity of Japanese comics has been so great that publishers have expanded the market for local comics, especially in manga. Growing up as a large publisher, they are now seeking change by providing consumers with services in the form of e-books. · Taking advantage of Thailand's flagship messenger platform and successfully entering the market, "Line Webtoon" is gaining huge popularity among consumers. In addition, they actively searched for local artists, expanding the supply of webtoon works. · Local electronic content distribution giant Okbee is strengthening its webtoons, e-books and other content business in collaboration with Chinese Internet giant Tencent and is expected to face fierce marketing competition in the future. - Animation ·In 2018, Thailand's animation market was about 3.877 billion baht. The largest share of this is about subcontracting production, which amounts to about 2.218 billion baht. · The Thai government recognizes the animation industry as a major industry to be fostered in the coming digital era and offers various incentives to foreign investors. · The Software Industry Promotion Agency (SIPS), a government organization established for the promotion of the animation industry, has been expanded and integrated into the Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA), supporting animation, game and character industries. - Game · The Thai game market is one of the fastest growing markets in the Southeast Asian region, and is expected to grow to about $1.08 billion in 2019. In 2015, sales of mobile games, which have already surpassed sales of PC games, are expected to reach 1.45 billion dollars by 2022 as the market continues to grow at an annual rate of 23 percent. · In the mobile game market, Singapore's Publisher Garena has a remarkable market share. In particular, they have been the biggest beneficiary of the growth of the mobile game market since last year when the freefire game topped sales after Arena of Valor. · Eight of the top 10 AOS-based games are Chinese developers' games, indicating that Chinese games are making inroads into the Thai market. In addition, as their interest in e-sports through PC/mobile grows, sponsors and customers are increasing at the same time. · In Thailand, the number of Internet users is still only 38 million (55 percent) out of its 69 million population, which is highly likely to grow in the game market in the future.
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