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  • - Clicked Inc. is unique. We produce not only the VR contents when others don’t dare to think of doing it but also the VR solution of top class level. Besides we already have operated the world first walking VR display for 3 months in Japan back in 2014, we have completed the development of another first Wireless VR Streaming technology based on our experience of 2014 even when nobody would agree that the wireless transmission of VR was possible. It was unveiled for the new product launching event of Santory in 2015 after the service test. Clicked Inc. is a company that has the broad understanding and application of technology as well as the flexible development ability depending on the needs and the wide contents development power of game, interactive VR contents and the VR video filming. We Clicked will leap forward to take the initiative in popularization of VR technology.
  • Gravity Co., Ltd. is a globally known online game company that was founded on April of 2000, during infancy of Korean gaming industry. As a leader in the Industry, Gravity became the only domestic game company listed on NASDAQ directly. Gravity has developed MMORPG Ragnarok Online that has been serviced in domestic and worldwide market acquiring a wide range of player. Gravity also provides IPTV service game using Pororo character and various genre of mobile titles. Furthermore, Gravity is continuing to grow its business reach as a global publishing business by expanding its service with Ragnarok Online IP related games as well as other games of various genre and platform.
  • Company name, “KANG CONTENTS” means "our Contents are Strong." We are expert in developing and making worldwide contents. We produce dramas, movies, entertainment unscripted format, and documentaries. In particular, we produce dramas and movies starring K-pop idol stars.
  • The best and only creative animation studio in Busan. Implementing the whole process in animation studio of planning, production, and editing. So far Studio Vandal has grown successfully and it’s become the best production company of flash animation in Korea.
  • VALOFE is a game developer and publisher that specializes in online games for PC and Mobile. VALOFE maintains over 15 titles. VALOFE was founded in Seoul, South Korea in 2007 and established global branches in Seoul, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Taipei and Manila. VALOFE is not only a game developer and publisher, but also Global Contents(Game, Video contents and Marketing contents) Platform provider. The platform, VFUN is designed to fit the user's convenience and interaction. It is developed with fancy and user-friendly UI design to allow users to easily browse and access the games that VALOFE presents. Also, VFUN is the multi-device and multi-language platform to be accessible by PC or any mobile device with various languages including Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Dutch, Turkish along with English.
  • STUDIO TNT is the bomb, Specializing in Animation Planning and Production. Our goal is to create unique content targeted at the ever-changing market by focusing on themes we enjoy that make an impact with devastating effect.
  • Minglecon Co., Ltd. has been providing educational content for young children to learn English by combining games via mobile apps, web, VR apps, unplugged computing program kits as an Edu-Tech Company. Minglecone aims to motivate children to learn and help them improve their English based on CEFR(Common European Framework for Reference) and the World Standard English, by providing listening, reading, speaking, writing, grammar, and vocabulary content focusing on topics and taking into consideration children's learning modes and levels, which are combined with gamification based on digital modules, other than the typical learning methods with which children learn with books. Our learning approach is a combination of content and IT, with three patent registrations and a PCT application abroad. Module-based content are provided in the form of mobile apps, VR apps, and web/unplugged computing MingleBot that allows printing and downloading. So far, more than 3,126 content have been devel
  • EBS is Korea's educational content specialist broadcasting company. Currently, EBS operates eight channels including two terrestrial channels, one radio channel, three satellite education channels, one child channel and one channel for overseas Koreans. Terrestrial channels broadcast educational programs for infants and children, cultural and documentary programs for adults, VOD services through various Internet / mobile sites, and e-Learning content for each level. Especially, EBS is a broadcasting company that makes world-class children's programs and documentaries beyond Korea. EBS science, history and nature documentaries are already recognized in the world market and are exported to North American and European broadcasters such as PBS, Smithsonian Channel in USA, France5, Arte and RAI in Europe.
  • Marvrus, Inc. is an eduTech company that develops VR,AR, and MR realistic education contents. With the mission of creating the most effective virtual educational content that can replace real-life training, the company is growing to become next Disney in virtual education with the vision of becoming a global leader in virtual education based on its own content capabilities that surprise and happiness users. Marvrus, Inc. developed the first reactive language contents in Korea, SPEAKIT, and signed an exclusive contract with SKT for 5G killer content service provider. SPEAKIT was launched in Oculus platform and Play store in April 2019 and is in the process of commercializing.
  • CharacterLink has developed long-standing steady content such as Hello Kitty (43 years) and Mickey Mouse (83 years) by discovering potentially growing content, It is a content link cultural enterprise that creates a collaborative business through various companies and contents that need it. In addition, we strive to develop diverse content business models through fresh and interesting content matching with companies and brands from around the world, and to generate profits with our partners. To this end, we develop new artwork for each character every year and strive to make new character products available every year through constant interaction with licensees, thereby striving to meet the growth opportunities and timing of contents. As a result of these efforts, CharacterLink will be available in the Middle East (BES Middle Content Market, 2015, 2016, 2017), Japan (2015 Character Fair), Character Licensing Fair (Korea, 2015,2016, 2017,2018) 2016, 2017), Hong Kong Mom Show (2015), China Hallyu Expo (2016 Chongqing), and the US Lima Show (2017), We are doing.
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