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1. We have 500+ Games for local markets in global.
Mass high quality contents on various categories such like 'arcade', 'action', 'puzzle' ,'roguelike','RPG' and 'sports'.
All contents will be customized to be fits with each channels

Our games :
- Indie masterpieces such as 'Dead cell', 'Tallowmare' and 'Zombie night terror'
- Mobile specialized such as 'Cut the rope', 'Doodle god' and 'CATS'
- Renewed classic such as 'YS chronicle', 'Double dragon' and 'Raiden'
- Blockbuster such as 'Wonderboy', 'Evoland' and 'Battle ocean'

Each contents has various award winnings and have put a good result from open market.
We can provide these mass contents pool to channel operators and platform owners.
Also can discuss whole license of each games.

2. You can distribute your games on channels of THE BALANCE through 80+ countries . You can customize by following guide of THE BALANCE.

3. We can provide independent app-store platform to Telco and Information portal enterprise . We can provide optimized plarform service and contents based on various experience of platform construction and operation.

Games :

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