K-pop English

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2D Animation
Target Age
3(min) 100Quantity Input
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01. Product Power : K-pop English swiches the educational paradigm for textbooks around the world from 'text-based' to 'music video-based', making students get more interested in studying, and providing them with excellently memorizing experiences.
02. B2C : We basically offer educational music video services for children and teenager textbooks on online video streaming platform.
03. B2B : We can provide the global education companies with our competitive technology of producing well-memorizing music video for their various educatioanal contents.

Company Profile

Animation Startup Other


01. Introduction : Ace Edu is a global edu-tainment edu-tech startup which takes over Ssam edu-tainment company established in 2010 and valued at 10M(USD) of intellectual property by 52 employees in 2016 on the basis of the foundation origin by John Yang(Jaehoon Yang). Ace Edu has currently established 'Edutopia' entity in Singapore to make good progress for overseas market to be a global start-up.
02. History : Raptong(textbooks memorized by rap), Goddess of English, History Master and etc. are the well-known brands for innovative educational contents, which became reformed by Ace Edu(2019). And focusing on producing music video for school textbook business, eventually 'K-pop English' has been created.

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