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Monster Warz H5 is a strategy simulation game that the player becomes a lord of fantasy monsters world and prosper the power of the tribe.
Players aim the ultimate lord by collecting hundreds of monsters, growing legions and to win the endless war with other tribes.
There are four attributes, fire, water, wind, and earth. And each tribe are divided into four tribes with one of the attributes. When the player summons a monster, can summon only monsters with the same attributes of their races. All attributes have bite-and-bite correlation can turn the tide of the battles depending on which tribe they are attacking and it’s the key why players have to ally with other players.
The keys of Monster Warz H5 are competition and alliance. Through the full-scale war content, Armageddon, players compete with other players. And to win the Armageddon and make their tribe stronger, cooperation with the others is required to get the victory.

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MOVI GAME Co., Ltd. is a game development company established in July 2016 and specializes in the development of HTML5-based WEB and APP mobile-based games. It is a developer who is developing games aiming at entering into the instant game market and snack culture market which is emerging as a new market in the global market. It is a professional developer with more than 15 years experience in game development.
Currently, MOVIGAME.COM Korea and MOVIGAME.JP Japan site are built on HTML5-based game portal WEB and APP services are operated.
MOVIGAME is playing a role as the market leader as it has secured competitive edge from existing game business through HTML5 based game platform development service.

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