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3D Animation
Target Age
11(min) 26Quantity Input
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"Scott," the son and part-timer of a popular dumpling store in Zero City.
Scott accidentally picks up a Geo stone from the sky while delivering one day.

Albert an alien scientist whose hobby is to create new monsters.
Albert constantly sends his own cosmic monster to Earth, aiming for Geo stone to create more monsters.

V, a space police officer who is concerned that the Earth will be in danger due to this cosmic monster,
Seeing the brave Scott trying to protect the village, he delivers Scott a "Rise Spark" to transform himself into a Rise Man!

Scott, who turned into a Rise Man, fights against various monsters trying to destroy the Earth and take over Geo stone..
Will Scott, who turned into a Rise Man, be able to protect the Earth from cosmic monsters?

Company Profile


Character Animation


“DOFALA Studio” specializes in contents creation. Currently, the animation team, business team, and the sound team are operating from our head office in Korea. We have also established a branch in Indonesia to produce shows through collaboration with our head office team. In addition, we are currently expanding the number of employees for various projects. We are actively contributing to the domestic and international content industry through innovative usage of animation and music.

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