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2020 Korea Music Drive-in Festival aiming to revitalize the music industry in S. Korea
  • November 05, 2020

2020 Korea Music Drive-in Festival aiming
to revitalize the music industry in S. Korea

Updated: 2020-11-02 10:05:23 KST
A drive-in like no other.

"Behind me are hundreds and hundreds of cars, filled with fans, waiting for their favorite musicians to come on stage."

But the 2020 Korea Music Drive-in Festival, held at the International Passenger Terminal of the Port of Incheon, is more than just the largest drive-in concert ever to take place in the country.
With more than 45 musical acts and nearly 2000 cars watching, the two-day event signals a growing transition towards contactless, on-site entertainment in Korea.

"We hope that this concert will give birth to various other types of performances and serve as a litmus test for the revival of the music industry."

Before entering the car park, festival-goers, a maximum of four per vehicle, had to fill out a questionnaire, get their temperatures measured and check in via QR code.
They were allowed to exit their cars only when using the bathroom, but that didn't stop fans from savoring the moment.

"At first, I thought it wouldn't be very lively because we're in our cars but I've realized its just as exciting as a real concert."

Several foreigners were also present, a testament to K-POP's increasing popularity worldwide.

"So excited I have like nerves. Because it's been so long so it's gonna be really nice to see the artists."

From K-POP idol groups like Momo Land and the Cosmic Girls to indi bands like Low Down 30 and Galaxy Express, over 30 acts from all genres performed on Saturday, which also happened to be Halloween.
Arirang will be televising a recorded broadcast of the festival in the coming weekend to 105 countries around the world, making sure fans from overseas aren't left out of the fun.
Han Seong-woo, Arirang News, Incheon.