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K-webtoons pushing boundaries further into a variety of secondary formats
  • January 18, 2021

K-webtoons pushing boundaries further
into a variety of secondary formats

Updated: 2021-01-15 15:09:36 KST


It's Friday, and that means it's time for our weekly 'Life With Culture' segment to let us know what cultural events are on at the moment. Our arts and culture correspondent Kim Bo-kyoung is here in the studio as always, Bo-kyoung what have you brought us today?

Hi Conn-young, have you watched Netflix dramas 'Sweet Home' and 'The Uncanny Counter'? Well, those Korean dramas are actually based on mobile comics, or webtoons, and these webtoons have been causing a sensation in the TV and film industry recently.
Experts say webtoons' attractive storylines and interesting characters are driving this trend. Let me show you more.

Korean dramas on Netflix are grabbing the attention of viewers all around the world. The horror series 'Sweet Home', which was released last month, reached the number one spot in more than ten countries including Vietnam, Hong Kong and Qatar, and made the Top 10 in North America and Europe. One TV and film critic recommends people to watch the show because it is similar to 'The Walking Dead', and also because the settings might be unique to some people such as cities they have never visited before. "Urban setting in general in lots of these shows is appealing because especially during the pandemic people don't know, don't have a chance to go places like South Korea, the cities like Seoul."

Another television series 'The Uncanny Counter' is also proving to be popular and was the most-streamed show in South Korea for third week of January.
What connects these two shows is that they are both based on online comics, or 'webtoons.'
One industry expert says that adapting webtoons has become the latest trend because they often have a good story with unique characters which is easy to adapt to other formats.

" The advantage of adapting such verified proven stories into video works means we can somewhat offset the risk of high production costs and existing fandom can also be leveraged."

People watching the TV versions has led to viewers going back to the original webtoons.
After the drama 'Itaewon Class' proved to be such a huge hit last year, views of 'Roppongi Class, a Japanese version of the original webtoon, shot up by around 4-hundred-50 percent.
The adaptation of webtoons isn't just limited to television series, though.

"Webtoons are trendy, but there isn't much to enjoy in real-life. Instead of just having an exhibition on webtoons, we prepared a place where lots of fans could actually experience the settings for themselves." With interesting characters and plots,and with the help of their TV adaptations, webtoons are grabbing the attention of new fans all around the world. (PKG ) It is interesting to see how those webtoons have expanded their boundaries into other formats. Are there any upcoming shows that you would like to recommend?

For those who are into classical music, award winning pianist Sunwook Kim and violinist Kyung Wha Chung will present Brahms Violin Sonatas one through three at LOTTE Concert Hall.
The same venue gives audiences a rare chance to listen to three piano concertos by Russian composer Rachmaninoff all performed by Millennium Symphony Orchestra at 8PM on January 20th.
Moving on to musicals, set in the Joseon Dynasty, the musical 'Swag Age’ performed at Seoul Arts Center is a humorous take on the sorrows of life, and the importance of freedom and hope.
‘Man of La Mancha’ a musical based on the literary classic 'Don Quixote’ will kick off next Tuesday at Charlotte Theater starring actor Cho Seung-woo as Cervantes.
And near Hyehwa Station, the musical 'The Seja Story' originally based on an online comicor 'webtoon' deals with a prince's fight to become the King of Joseon.
Finally, although it will be very early in the morning, those who want to listen to the Berlin Philharmoniker's fantastic orchestra playing three symphonic poems from Russia, can visit the digital concert hall website at 3 AM.

Thank you Bo-kyoung as always for giving our viewers information on what to enjoy in the world of culture.

Thank you.