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Kim Seo-hyung aims to become 'scream queen' through 'Whispering Corridors 6'
  • June 10, 2021

Kim Seo-hyung aims to become 'scream queen'
through 'Whispering Corridors 6'

Updated : 2021-06-09 23:40

By Kwak Yeon-soo

Actress Kim Seo-hyung, known for playing charismatic roles including the cold-blooded tutor in JTBC's drama "Sky Castle," said she wants to become known as a "scream queen" through the upcoming horror film "Whispering Corridors 6: The Humming."

"Honestly, I can't watch scary movies. I screamed while watching this one. The scenes in the latter half of the film were especially challenging because I had to walk into a room covered in blood. Although I was aware it was fake, it scared the hell out of me," she said during a press conference for the film, Wednesday. "Although I can't handle horror films, I really want to become a scream queen."

The upcoming film centers on Eun-hee (Kim Seo-hyung), who has no memory of her high school years due to a traumatic event, returning to her alma mater as vice principal.

One day, a student named Ha-young (Kim Hyeon-soo) hears a strange humming sound from the school's bathroom and grows to believe there is a ghost inside. While trying to uncover the mystery behind the humming sound, Eun-hee suffers from visual and auditory hallucination as her memory slowly returns to haunt her.

The veteran actress said portraying Eun-hee was both mentally and physically challenging, but exciting at the same time. "Ironically, it was refreshing because all my emotion just poured out of me. Eun-hee is a complex character ― she protects her students from and seeks revenge on perpetrators of a crime," she said.

Kim Hyeon-soo, who rose to fame in SBS's suspense drama "The Penthouse: War in Life," said her character Ha-young differs from many of her previous roles.

" The Whispering Corridors series is such a successful franchise and it has long-standing history and loyal fans. It was truly an honor and pleasure to be part of the film," she said.

The 21-year-old actress revealed that this is her second time starring in a horror film following "Horror Stories" (2012).

"In 'Horror Stories,' I played a character who is terrorized by ghosts. But this time, I portray a brave girl who never fears to go deep into the darkness," she explained.

"Whispering Corridors" began as a high school horror film that premiered in 1998 and has since expanded into a franchise. The film has also been recognized for its message that sounds the alarm on Korea's repressive school system, bullying and mental health challenges facing students.

Lee Mi-young, who is making her feature directorial debut, said the film was inspired by a real event dealt with in the SBS investigative reporting TV show "Unanswered Questions."

"Producer Lee Choon-yun, who created the Whispering Corridors series and passed away last month, always stressed that this project is not simply aimed at stimulating viewers' senses. The students' personal dread, wounds and tears are important while the horror genre is supplementary," she said.

"Whispering Corridors: The Humming" will hit local theaters, June 17.