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First large-scale outdoor music festival welcomes 4,000 visitors a day over weekend
  • June 29, 2021

First large-scale outdoor music festival welcomes
4,000 visitors a day over weekend

Updated: 2021-06-29 05:58:44 KST


Large-scale outdoor music festivals are back in South Korea. The first large music festival in one year and eight months, "Beautiful Mint Life" was held over the weekend.
In order to welcome around 8-thousand people over two days, the organizers introduced strict virus prevention measures.

"Everyone coming to watch the show needs to check themselves for the virus using a self-testing kit. They go into a booth here and take a saliva sample. It takes around ten minutes to get a result, and then they show it to the staff."

"We mulled over a system that would give people reassurance. The culture minister once said it would be nice to use such self-testing kits and they have also been used abroad. We prepared this for the first time in Korea so that people could get rid of any concerns about coming to see the shows."

Strict measures were in place at the actual live show venue as well; the site did not have a standing zone, and guests needed to sit down on designated chairs or mats keeping a safe distance from other people.
Only beverages were allowed, and loudly singing along was forbidden. Even with unprecedented guidelines, audiences and artists both say they are excited to have this chance.

"It really has been a long wait to see a live show. Even though we had to go through a lot of hassle and we cannot unfortunately cheer and communicate with the artist much, still being able to enjoy it live is so meaningful."

"So it's the first live performance with the audience in a while and it is very special for me because I couldn't have this opportunity for almost two years. We performers always get energy from the audience."

By cautiously following guidelines and measures, both organizers and audiences are hoping the successful hosting of the festival can set an example for more large concerts and festivals to follow. Kim Bo-kyoung, Arirang News.