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KBS WORLD TV YouTube | HOT Video Clips of the Week (June 28th ~ July 4th)
  • July 06, 2021

KBS WORLD TV YouTube | HOT Video Clips of the Week (June 28th ~ July 4th)

Update: 2021-07-05

1) NCT DREAM(엔시티 드림) - Hello Future (Music Bank) | 596K Views

NCT DREAM is back with a repackage right after their previous promotion with < 맛 (Hot Sauce) >. They performed the title track < Hello Future > on Music Bank and their performance gave out bright and cheerful vibe along with the powerful choreography. The video clip of their < Hello Future > stage on Music Bank reached 596K views on KBS WORLD TV YouTube, proving the popularity of NCT DREAM around the globe.

You may click the link below to watch NCT DREAM’s refreshing performance


2) She's laughing like it's ridiculous (Stars' Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant) | 252K Views

Actor Ki Taeyoung showed his happy daily life on < Fun-Staurant > as a father of his two lovely daughters, Rohui and Rorin. First of all, he prepared a special meal for the kids. As an appetizer, he made a cobb salad and added fried dumplings as a garnish. Then, he also served almond dumpling soup and short rib patties made with mushrooms. After the fantastic dinner, he took time with his daughters. While Taeyoung was cooking, Rorin fell to the ground from sofa and started to cry. However, he skillfully handled the situation and stopped her crying, showing his proficiency on parenting skills.

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