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KTO Hosts ‘Squid Game’-Themed Tourism Event in New York
  • November 01, 2021 | Broadcasting/Other

KTO Hosts ‘Squid Game’-Themed Tourism Event in New York

Updated: 2021-10-27 15:49:50


The Korea Tourism Organization(KTO) hosted an event in New York City, where 80 people got the chance to take part in an experience based on the Netflix series, “Squid Game.”

On Tuesday, participants gathered wearing green tracksuits and toured the Korean collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Korean Cultural Center and also Koreatown.

They then moved to an indoor studio and played the survival games featured in the series. The event had crew members dressed like the red-suited guards in the show.

The two finalists then played 'ddakji', a Korean paper-flipping game, and the winner received a round trip ticket to South Korea.

The head of the KTO's New York branch said that over three-thousand people applied for the limited event in just a week, testifying to the popularity of “Squid Game” and high interest in Korean popular culture.