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Meet the Crew of 'Parasite,' BTS in Virtual Reality: 'Korea, Cubically Imagined' Launches in HK, Moscow
  • November 09, 2021 | Immersive Content

Meet the Crew of 'Parasite,' BTS in Virtual Reality:
'Korea, Cubically Imagined' Launches in HK, Moscow

Updated: 2021-11-05 17:08:56 KST


Arts and culture are the foundation of the creative economy, which generates more than 22-hundred billion U.S. dollars annually and provides more jobs to workers aged between 18 and 25 than any other fields of employment. Now match that with the buzzwords of 2021 like virtual reality, projection mapping, interactive act, and AR technology and you've got creative power that goes beyond borders and language. Remember the first edition of "Korea: Cubically Imagined" at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris this past summer? Well, guess what? It's expanding its presence to Hong Kong, Moscow and beyond. Showcased at the innovative exhibition will be again the Oscar-winning "Parasite" the VR version. I have live on Zoom the CEO of the very studio behind its creation: Kim Jae-hwan of EVR Studio. Jae-hwan, good to have you on the show.

So, let's begin with Parasite, the VR version. Following its debut on the Korea, Cubically Imagined stage in Paris, the content is also one of the key pillars of attraction in Hong Kong and in Moscow - later in the month. As the creator behind the state-of-the-art film, why don't you give us an overview of what we visitors can expect for the 'Parasite' immersive experience?

That's just extraordinary. How did you and your studio come about turning Bong Joon-ho's film into such surreal visual language? What innovative technologies were incorporated and why?

Of course, this ambitious exhibition, "Korea: Cubically Imagined" is not limited to 'Parasite' the VR. It's full of state-of-the-art digital contents involving global superstars BTS, panoramic scenes of Mt. Kumgang in North Korea and an 18th century royal procession of King Jeongjo to a fortress south of the capital. Why don't you give us an overall view of the immersive experience in Hong Kong and Moscow?

Which mean the immersive experience exhibition kicked off today in Hong Kong. I remember the inaugural edition in Paris attracted more than 10-thousand fans even at the height of the pandemic. Parisians were absolutely taken aback it. I wonder how those in Hong Kong are enjoying Korean cultural content come to life with the help of advanced technology.

Our team on the ground had the chance to catch up with Hong Kongers at the exhibition.

"(The most impressive part was) the Parasite, because we can go inside the movie through VR gadgets."

"I actually came in for the parasite, but after playing with the VR and stuff, I think it was very awesome, but I personally really liked the other room where the Dstrict; where the waves and the flowers, it was super-ig-able so those if you love taking photos, you should go check it out."

The exhibition demonstrates how digital technologies could give new values and more immersive experiences by enhancing existing cultural contents. For those of our viewers in Hong Kong and later in Moscow who plan to make a visit to the venue, how can they make the best out of their experience and enjoy immerse themselves in the VR featured artworks?

As creator of digital contents using virtual reality and augmented reality technology how do you see the combination of cutting technology and cultural heritage and contents reshape the landscape and further develop a creative economy?

Kim Jae-hwan, CEO of EVR Studio, the creator of "Parasite" the VR version being showcased at "Korea: Cubically Imagined" in Hong Kong today and in Moscow starting next week. Thanks for speaking with us. We appreciate it.