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- We are a publishing company that specializes in picture books.

Since our start in 2008, we have developed a complete series consisting of 2,000 picture books

for infants and toddlers!

- We have exported publication rights to Europe, China, Mexico, and Brazil and submitted volumes

from our complete series to domestic and international book exhibitions.

- Our books have been selected for the National Children's Multicultural Book Report Contest.

In addition to participating in the contest as a sponsor company, we have also sponsored

the Seoul International Book Fair and the Kid’s Hankuk Ilbo National Children’s Art Contest.

- We have conducted many different activities such as:

the Seoul Book Festival hosted by Seoul Metropolitan City, Read! Republic of Korea!,

organized by the National Assembly Library, the Seoul International Early Childhood Education Exhibition,

Busan/Daegu/Gwangju/Daejeon Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Early Childhood Education Fair,

the Beijing, China International Book Fair, the Misuda Multicultural Volunteer Group Smile Talent Bank

Talent Donation, and providing support for building local schools in Nepal through

the Uhm Hong-Gil Human Foundation.

- We donated the multicultural picture book Tongnoori Little Global Leader to the daycare center

located in the National Assembly and 60 multicultural family support centers nationwide.

We have also conducted activities for multicultural people, such as donating the hangul textbook

<Hangul is Flowing> to Umsa National University in Bolivia.

- We have been awarded the Grand Prize for Educational Brands Chosen

by Parents for eight consecutive years, from 2012-2021. We have also been awarded

the Korean Educational Brand Grand Prize as well as the Korean Educational Content Grand Prize.

- On National Book Day in October 2016, Byung-soo Lee, CEO of Aram Publishing Company,

was awarded the Prime Minister’s Prize.

- A number of picture books from Aram Publishing Company have also been selected for

the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and Welfare 3/4/5 Year Old Nuri Course

(National-level Curriculum) Teacher's Guide.

- In the future, we will continue to plan a complete series for infants and children that

can contribute to emotions, personality, and education. We will also work on producing

high-quality kindergarten textbooks and teaching tools to contribute to kindergarten education.

- We plan to grow into a globally recognized publishing company by exporting more of

our complete series overseas.


Business Description

Selling infant books , contents

- Representative Complete Series:

<Baby All Baby, Math & Science, Creation>, <Little Nature Observation - With Nature>,

<Banana World Creation>, <Little Hangul>, <Little Scientist>, <Tradition Story - Magic Jar>,

<Out of the Ordinary>, etc.


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