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An AI-based content development company that analyzes and designs human tastes. Currently, we are in the global performance-making social platform business.
The main businesses are AI-based cultural contents solution development, K-pop overseas performance, loyalty customer retention marketing solution business and overseas content distribution agency in Korea. Based on performances in more than 20 countries and various international co-production networks, we provide various contents including K-pop and pursue joint development through collaboration.


Business Description

2006 Special Interview with President of Romania, TVR, Romania . 2009 Korea-Vietnam Friendship Festival with VTV.
2010 Korea-Mongolia Diplomatic 20th Anniversary Concert. 2011 Korea-Austalia Diplomatic 50th Anniversary Concert ,Super K-pop 2011 Sydney.
2011 Korea Year of Kazakhstan, Special Performance. 2011-2015 Korea-Japan Festival Hanmadang in Tokyo. 2011 Friendship Concert in Twiwan. 2012 International Co-Production with Caraccol TV, Colombia, K-pop Reality Show. 2012 K-pop Night out in Music Matters, Singapore. 2013 K-pop Night out in Midem, Cannes, France in SXSW, Texas, USA. 2013 International Co-Production with Televisa, Mexico. 2014 Co-Production with Globo, Brazil . 2015 Co-Production with Telefe, Argentina. 2015 Culture Caravan K-Pop Concert, Cancun, Mexico. 2015 Culture Caravan K-Pop Concert, Peru. 2017 World Knowledge Forum, TV Section ,A.I., Swiss. 2017 Co-Production with America TV, Peru,Delicioso Concierto. 2017 K-pop in Warsaw. 2017 Co-Production in TV5, France


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