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  • Location : 3rd floor, Cruise 378 37-53, Apgujeong-ro 11-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
The wearable product which used curve in diverse variation with soft and elegant silhouette in feminine and urban emotion is proposed. Also, the products shows off design harmonizing moderate practicality, creativity and fancy details that are delicate and couture using ruffle, trimming and appliqué. Also, without colorful technique or printing, it balanced various neutral colors to give a sense of simplicity and elegance.

Business Description

2018. Mar,Seoul Fashion Week Fashion Show, 2018 F/W
2018. Jun, Indie Brand Fair, 2018 F/W
2018. Jul, International Fashion Brand Fair Shenzhen, 2018 F/W
2018. Sep, New York Coterie (Edit Pavilion), 2019 S/S
2018. Oct, Tokyo Asia Collection, 2019 S/S
2018. Oct, Seoul Fashion Week Fashion Show, 2019 S/S
2019. Feb, New York Fashion Week FashionShow, 2019 F/W
2019. Mar, Daegu Fashion Fair, 2019 F/W
2019. Mar, Seoul Fashion Week Fashion Show, 2019 F/W


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