"Daya's monsters got together to make fun games"

DAYAMONZ CO., Ltd. is a mobile game developer founded by key members who have succeeded in 'God of HighSchool'. And we are capable of development, bussiness and operation independently.
Because its goal to grow into a global mobile game developer that is recognized in foreign markets, it is developing various genres of games with popular animation/webtoon IPs and global themes.
As a first step, a game of Chinese zodiac will be launched in the second half of 2019 and a game of Ultraman will be launched in the first half of 2020.

Business Description

2013.04 DayaEdutainment, Signed a contract for the "God of Highschool" publication rights
2014.07 Merger and acquisition to YDonline, Daya Studio
2015.04 YDonline Daya Studio, launched "God of Highschool"
2017.02 Established DAYAMONZ CO., Ltd.
2018.09 Signed a contract for the "Ultraman" publication rights
2018.11 Spin-off of YDonline
2019.01 Certified as Venture Enterprise


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