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The clothes that breathe with us day after day, I would like to talk about the simplicity of Korean clothing.

Dolsilnai is the name of the type of hemp cloth found in Seokgok Village in Gokseong, Jeollanam-do, Republic of Korea. It is a pure Korean word that combines “dolsil” (the thread of the sturdy hemp cloth from Seokgok Village) and the old word “nai” for “born” (pronounced as “na-ta” in Korean).

[Reinterpretation] Reinterpreting the Old in a New Perspective

Dolsilnai is a brand that incorporates the Korean clothing culture into everyday life in a more comfortable and
stylish manner.
We have revitalized the forgotten hanbok by thinking of the will of those who continue to keep the traditions and culture alive.
We hope that our culture, which is our life and heritage, is not a memory of the past that can only be found in museums or catalogs, but one that can be found in the present.

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