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DOORIBUN aims to become a new media company in 2017, and experts from various fields such as video, development, and CG gathered to build real shooting-based VR content and attraction production know-how and expanded the field to AR and XR.
We launched an XR webinar studio that expands a very small real space into an online XR virtual space and developed technology to allow offline forums, video conferences, and lectures to be held in the online world with more colorful and high-profile visuals.
And we developed a technology that enables real-time implementation of our body movements and expressions on characters through motion capture and facial capture, and launched I-TUBER CREATOR, a character content production solution aimed at "Metabus World Character Broadcasting Station" by combining the aforementioned XR technology with virtual space synthesis technology.
I-TUBER CREATOR is a media-oriented metabus content production solution to solve the problems of current metabus services that focus only on games and space. It is a solution that provides differentiated fun and service to consumers as a sculpture investment platform using NFT technology, not just limited technology that produces content.
I-TUBER CREATOR, the first metabus media platform that anyone can become a character and broadcast in metabus space, targets creators who could not broadcast due to the burden of exposure to their appearance, and aims to secure 90,000 content creators and achieve 4,000 NFT trading users.


Business Description

2017: Establishment of DOORIBUN Corporation
2017: Developing VR Simulator 'Fear the Wheelchair'
2017: Supply VR Contents to Virtual Gate VR Store
2017: Supply VR Contents to China Xiaomi Platform
2017: Establishment of Hanwha Aqua Planet VR Cinema Hall in Jeju

2018: Developing VR Simulator 'Vampirism'
2018: Awarded Attraction Simulator Prize in VR/AR EXPO
2018: Supply VR Attractions to Monster VR Theme Park
2018: Supply VR Contents for LG U+ 360 Service
2018: Supply VR Contents for Oksusu 360 Service

2019: Development and supply of VR contents and simulators in Jeju Ghost Town
2019: Development a Real-time AR Broadcasting Content Production Solution I-TUBER Production
2019: Establishing an Offline Studio Specializing in AR Character Content Production
2019: Development a Real-time XR Live Content Production Solution I-TUBER Studio

2020: Building an I-TUBER Brand Website
2020: Producing and Operating YouTube Contents Using Self-developed Characters
2020: Establishing an Offline Studio Specializing in XR Content Production
2020: Producing AR Flowers of Asia Artist Awards Opening Stage
2020: Real-time AR Character Joint Performance in Asia Artist Awards
2020: Producing Unity Korea's 'Unite Seoul 2020' XR Forum
2020: Producing AR contents of Cheonan City's specialized Character 'San-gun'
2020: Sign an 3D Character Contents Co-production Agreement with Mono-plan
2020: Producing AR contents to Promote Kyungsung University
2020: Producing AR contents of Korea Maritime Environment Corporation's Character 'ARAMI'
2020: Awarded the Minister Prize of Realistic Media Award of Ministry of Science and ICT

2021: Producing Character Contents for MBC YouTube Channel 'Old Song TV'
2021: Producing Character Contents for Lotte Cultureworks YouTube channel 'Look At This'
2021: Development of Metabus Character Broadcasting System I-TUBER CREATOR
2021: Holding Lotte Human Resources Development Institute's 'Pivoting HR' XR Forum
2021: Holding KAIST's 'The 4th GSI-IF 2021' XR Forum
2021: Producing XR Lecture Contents for the Korea Radio Promotion Association's 'XR LEB Expert Seminar'
2021: Holding Korea Creative Content Agency '2021 Content Step Up' XR Forum
2021: Holding Software Policy Research Institute's 'Software and Social Safety Summit 2021' XR Forum
2021: AR Performance of 'Man-deok' Character at the Opening Ceremony of the 24th Bucheon International Cartoon Festival
2021: Producing XR Content of Buil Film Festival 30th Anniversary Special Video
2021: AR Performance of 'Bomi' Character at the 2021 Love Sharing Center event of the Ministry of Health and Welfare


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