dstrict holdings

Immersive Content
d’strict (the “Company”) is a design company to create the user-centered experience by integrating both contents and digital media technology.
The Company had focused on creating website and mobile services for global companies, including Samsung Electronics after establishing the company in 2004 until 2008. From 2009, the Company had created the sensation in digital marketing market with new digital media technology such as holographic display, projection mapping and other relevant technologies.
Currently, the Company has performed the design works on user-centered spatial digital experience marketing, focused on both digital theme park with some specific contents and high-end property and brand business to create the entertainment space since it launched the first digital theme park “Live Park” in 2012.
The core competitiveness of the Company is the content production capability under full knowledge and understanding of various digital media technologies.
The Company provides TOTAL SERVICE that covers master-planning/content planning, production/space design, and construction/operation planning under strong visual creativity and competence that can blend both digital media technology and contents collectively.
To create the unique result, all leading experts on planning/directing, visual design, video design, system design, space design, software development, project management, operation planning, business development are collectively collaborated.


Business Description

1. Digital Theme Park
The Company has created specific topics with digital media technologies such as holographic display, augmented reality, virtual reality, and more to create the new form of entertainment space and services.
Especially, Next Interactive K (NIK), founded as a joint venture between YG Entertainment and others, is a company to invest/create/distribute the contents such as hologram performance, augmented reality and has expanded its business to various digital theme parks including PLAY KPOP; direct management theme park in Jeju by licensing K-POP contents.
2. Digital eXperience Design
The Company provides the innovative spatial experience through contents production utilizing the various digital media solution, aimed on specific spaces such as both high-end properties; luxurious hotel, resort, shopping mall and corporate/public event and exhibition spaces.


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