It means a noble birth, meaning a new birth after meeting Della Born.
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  • Location : 2F 149, Huimang-ro, Suseong-gu, Daegu, Korea
This is Della Born, a cosmetics company specializing in collagen.
 we use collagen as the main ingredient and only premium ingredients that are good for skin that goes well with collagen. It is actually effective and has a reasonable price range. It is only easy for anyone to use. As a company specializing in collagen,


Business Description

Currently, it is continuously making videos and advertising online and offline, and Taiwanese famous influencer has started promoting and selling from late July, and has started exporting with love calls from Vietnam, Japan, Australia, Mexico, and China. We are producing products that are well-received at home and abroad with good effects and concepts. We promise to do our best to develop and promote products to enhance K beauty's status on the global stage. Thank you.


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