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We lead differentiated memorial services through independent and innovative approaches using AI digital twin technology, recording customers' most precious moments and providing highly personalized services for interaction. We produce diverse forms of content such as voice and video conversations to meet various customer needs.

1.Service Features
- Create an AI digital twin reproducing the deceased's face, voice, speech patterns, and memories.
- Link memorial pages via QR tags and location recognition for commemorative spaces.
- Generate a welcome video from the AI digital twin of the deceased (created from 1 photo and a 1-minute voice file).
- AI digital twin of the deceased features photo-taking capabilities (creating AI photo frames from 1 to 5 photos).
- Guestbook function where the AI digital twin of the deceased can leave comments and real-time chat capabilities.
- Ability to convey messages of condolence to the family (including a remittance function).

2. Technological Highlights
- Implement text chatting, voice conversations, and video conversations with various functionalities based on a 1-minute voice file and 1 frontal face photo.
- Implement personalized chatbots by inputting detailed character information and messenger conversation histories.
- Implement highly personalized chatbots where users can directly modify prompts generated according to a guide.
- Implement global content that facilitates communication in 29 languages.

Business Description

- Patent (Registered) Big data-based device and method for recommending names 10-2413306 (22.06.22)
- Patent (Application) Device for providing conversations 10-2023-1232630 (23.10.05)
- Patent (Application) Device and method for creating a digital twin based on interaction with a memorial space 10-2024-0032459 (24.03.07)

- Trademark (Registered) AiVEN 40-2020-0187724 (22.01.19)
- Trademark (Application) Digital Mask 40-2023-0032250 (23.02.22)
- Trademark (Application) Mourning Ceremony 40-2023-0148426 (23.08.17)
-Trademark (Application) SoulLink 40-2023-0148825 (23.08.17)

-2020.10.26 preco Co., Ltd. 50,000,000 KRW
-2021.09.27 Rowon Holdings Co., Ltd. 49,997,248 KRW
-2022.02.17 preco Co., Ltd. 50,003,000 KRW
-2023.04.07 crowdfunding 110,000,880 KRW
-2023.08.30 Serpa Ventures Investment Association No. 3 30,000,240 KRW
-2023.08.30 Serpa Ventures Investment Association No. 5 50,000,400 KRW
-2023.12.08 Credit Guarantee Fund 500,000,000 (investment option with no guarantee) KRW
-2023.12.13 (LOI) THE VAULT SF 100,000 USD (LOI)

- Guarantee and loan: Credit Guarantee Fund Innovative Startup Specialized Program KRW 500 million (2023, Investment Option Guarantee)
- Investment promotion: Secured a total of KRW 340 million in Korean investment and $100,000 in LOI (Letter of Intent to Invest)


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