JoonsPictures Inc.

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  • Location : 802 211, Itaewon-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea
Started as a broadcast video production, the head office produced interactive content with the game (VR, Non-VR) MADE. The head office has accumulated video production technology based on the experience of producing numerous dramas and various entertainment programs. Headquarters intends to contribute to the expansion of the content genre by creating a new FMV adventure game based on the superior video production technology that the head office has. In addition, we would like to introduce a new Korean style FMV adventure game to the world through global advancement.


Business Description

Tooniverse _Thunder Store 1 (2013)
Tooniverse _Thunder Store 2 (2014)
KBS1 _Bookshelf Restaurant (2016,2017)
jtbc_G-rated (2017)
KBS2 _Urban Legend (2018)
Interactive FMV Game _MADE (2019-2020)


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