Korea Youth Safety Experience Hall

Safertown is the first educational park to be built under the theme of ' Safety ' in Taebaek City, where people can directly experience various disaster themes and disasters in person.

365 Safe Town is a experience park for all people, not only for teenagers but also for all families, clubs, and schools.

It is composed of Jangseong district with three safety experience facilities, Joongsang district with a challenge facility at the top of the mountain, and Cheonam district operated by Gangwon Fire School.

Business Description

There are five experience centers, including forest fires, Seolhae Sea, Pungsuhae Sea, earthquakes, and counter-terrorism, as well as Childrand, Gocheokgwan, and Firecurework Center. Rather than a simple viewing facility, it is equipped with dynamic facilities where you can experience disaster while watching 3D and 4D images on the simulator-type riders.


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