Mapiacompany is a Music Technology corporation that exists and grows with musicians.
We believe that great creative work can be sustained only when the rights of musicians are enhanced and protected so that their livelihoods are preserved.
We are dedicated to doing our best to build an environment where people are able to use copyrighted works with the knowledge that they are equitably credited and thoroughly secured.
This reflects our strong belief - that the rewarding of musicians fairly is an endeavor most worthwhile. All of this is done in the hope that fairness, would encourage those who capture the beauty of our world, would continue to do so through the beauty of their craft.


Business Description

founded in 2015
received angel investment from Michael Cho, an external board director of Kakao and one of the most renowned investors in the country in 2016
seed funding from the preeminent venture capital organization of Korea, Naver's Springcamp in 2017
secured a partnership with the Korean Music Copyright Association, KOMCA in 2017
Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia in 2018
secured a partnership with the Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers, JASRAC in 2018
Asia's NO.1 music sheet website - MyMusicSheet
Korea's NO.1 music sheet website - Mapianist
a fast-growing music sheet website in Japan - Kokomu


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