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MEDIAFRONT is a New Media Experience(NX) company pioneering new paradigm of entertainment business through media experience and values that converged with arts and technology, digital and analogue.

Our company pursue consulting businesses VR, AR, MR, Hologram, Projection mapping and much more by collaboration of new technology in Digital Theme Park, the next step of new entertainment.
Also, Moving sculpture our Physical Media business field elaborate objects by utilizing the latest technology creating new values.

MEDIAFRONT, the digital media consulting expert, meets the needs of companies and facilities by providing next level of diversified digital media technology.


Business Description

Business Area
1. Digital Theme Park (Kids Park/VR)
- Converge of new technology such as VR, AR and more to create next step of entertainment contents providing such service in global platform.
- Digital Kids Park contents are solely created by Mediafront which are selling worldwide: 'Hello! My Ocean', 'Hello! My Dino' and 'Hello! My Forest'
- VR Theme Park consist of more than 10 contents and simulatora developed by Mediafront.
- Currently opened self VR theme park in Korea, Singapore, Japan, China and planning on opening a new VR theme Park in Las Vegas, USA (Q1 2019).

2. Physical Media
- Developing of Moving Sculpture module, consistant sales in MICE business overseas as well as large exhinitions.
- Several projects participated in global events such as Pyeongchang Olympics by using our sole system.

3. Digital Media Consulting
- Global projects were participated for global company promotional events and exhibitions using our diverse digital systems and asset.


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