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In 2016, we devoted the AR field and launched 3D AR, in order to make commercial marketing content more effective through customer interaction combined with brand marketing and various novel sensory effects. 3D object database and outstanding techniques, through facial detection and mobile sensing technology, the camera combines with 3D components to make AR effects more realistic, enriching greater interactive effects and creating infinite possibilities for interactive marketing. With our state-of-the art techniques and sophisticated art design.


Business Description

It will be an extraordinary souvenir for consumers, not an existing information kiosk, but a memorable moment for a happy moment on a background where you can remember where you are visiting. While taking pictures and decorating, you can experience a time of concentricity as a new play to experience augmented reality. For the installation site (company), it can maximize the special image advertising effect that is memorized with happy memories that customers will never forget or abandon, and can be extended to a new type of business model that can satisfy both business and consumers I will. When a photo is printed on a card, it can be used in place of the unmanned ticketing system, and the expansion of the business is endless with payment, point accumulation, regular membership, transportation card, and guest card key.
Myungji Korea has completed the development of the proto type of Kiosk on 2017 and has been building the client reference since. We have already installed two kiosks at the best attractive sites, Lotte wolrd Adventure and Coex Aquarium. We are constantly upgrading device and AR (Augmented Reality) contents.


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