picker studio

picker studio
CharacterImmersive Content
Picker Studio is trying to provide creative fun and play by combining experiences in various fields of life that are familiar to us with ICT technology. Starting with the first children's functional game "Help! Cinderella" in 2014, we launched a wearable sports game using a smart watch and virtual augmented reality block play app. We are currently developing virtual augmented reality contents that link off-line educational toys and character products with mobile smartphone as a non-face-to-face business.


Business Description

In 2015, Cinderella Please Help Functional Games for Children
In 2017, Virtual Sports Club Mobile Sports Game
In 2018, Art&Craft Minecraft Type Authoring Tool Application
In 2019, Pebot AI Voice Recognition Smart Toy Augmented Reality Application
In 2021, AR Bugs Origami


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