Rolling Seeds Inc.

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  • Location : Junghoon Bldg. 1st Fl. 57, Mokdongjungangbon-ro 20-gil, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea
RollingSeeds is a Play-Edutainment platform for learning and families game night. A simple coin dropping UX-based platform allows instant play and offers a wide range of content topics via a user-friendly Tablet PC App. RollingSeeds platform is designed to cater to the diverse interests of all family members, providing a fun, educational and engaging experience that promotes bonding and shared play.


Business Description

2020. 02 Rolling Seeds Inc. Established
2020. 10 KOR Patent Registered (CONTROL BOX FOR TOKEN)
2020. 11 PCT International Patent Registered
2021. 01 Certificate of Venture Business / KIBO
2021. 01 Corporate R&D Center Established (Software Contents Development) / KOITA
2021. 02 KOR Design Patent Registered
2021. 04 Government R&D Project Selection / Ministry of SMEs and Startups
2021. 05 iF International Design Award Winner (User Experience) / iF Award Germany
2021. 06 US Patent Registered (Control Box for Token)
2021. 07 China Patent Published
2021. 08 Good Design Award Winner (Product/Toy) / KIDP
2021. 10 KES Korea Electronic Show (한국 전자쇼 CES 한국관 미리보기 참가)
2022. 01 CES Las Vegas, USA Exhibition


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