Seesaw Pictures

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  • Location : 105-201, Mokdong Hyundai Apt. 60, Mokdongdong-ro 12-gil, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea
Seesaw Pictures is a production and sales company based in Korea with expertise in international co-production. The latest titles include, PEARL OF THE DESERT (IDFA 2019), POROSITY VALLEY 2: TRICKSTERS' PLOT (Berlinale 2020), DRAGON WOMEN (Vision du Réel 2022), and QUEER MY FRIENDS (Hot Docs 2022). Seesaw Pictures also represents Qinyuan Lei's THE ONE WHO RUNS AWAY IS THE GHOST (IDFA 2021) and IM Heung-soon's GOOD LIGHT, GOOD AIR (Ji.hlava IDFF 2021), and many others.

Business Description

The latest titles, DRAGON WOMEN was selected for various festivals including Visions du Reel 2022, DocVille 2022 and DokFest Munich 2022, and QUEER MY FRIENDS was selected for Hot Docs 2022.


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