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  • Location : 3F 8, Yeonnam-ro 1-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea
Conist was established to discover the new value of contents and expand the boundaries of the contents world. Conist's commitment to various business models and research will be a small effort to develop the contents industry. We will continue to grow as a global contents data company where employees and customers grow together.

Business Description

■ COCODA : Webtoon information service. Korea's only webtoon/webnovel commercial database service released weekly (more than 60 clients are using the service)
■ WEBTOONGUIDE : Monthly average of 1.5 million UVs, 400 PVs, total number of registered members of 100,000 Webtoon-specialized webzine.
■ CIMS : Copyright infringement monitoring & reporting service (over 500 titles by major clients)
■ KRIDA: A job search platform specialized in the webtoon & webnovel industry (to be opened in 2022)
■ Webtoon & Webnovel Company Consulting
■ Securing and managing global webtoon & web novel big data: About 300 million big data-based webtoon industry information / Web novel agency, platform information
■ A study on a valuation model based on quantitative data related to digital content
■ Conducting various research tasks related to the content industry, such as industrial status investigation, illegal distribution status investigation, and strategic research
■ Conducted numerous online/offline campaigns, artist talk shows, and webtoon pitching events


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