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Our team YAJA is a student startup founded in 2016. Our motto is ‘millions of contents for millions of tastes’, and our first step towards it is by making games. We have proudly launched our first game ‘PandaBee’ on February 2018. PandaBee is showing better results than expected, so we are currently developing more contents to add. What’s more, we are also planning to create a whole new genre of contents using PandaBee IP, from web cartoons to novels. In the near future, we are hoping to spread out onto East and Southeast Asian countries such as China, Thailand and Vietnam.


Business Description

PandaBee is our own original character. The cute combination of ‘panda', 'bee’, and the combination of idle games with tower defense genre make PandaBee a unique and easily accessible game. As a result, PandaBee is receiving positive reviews from a wide range of users, even from players who are unfamiliar with tower defense games or who had less interest in games. The current PandaBee version is available on both Google Play Store(Korean) and iPhone App Store. Updated versions will include a lot more fun PvP mode and story modes. Our next goal is to publish PandaBee in China, Thailand, Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries, where we find idle games to be much popular.


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