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  • Location : 4F, YeaRim Publication and Culture Center 153, Achasan-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Korea
Since its establishment in 1973, YeaRimDang has been publishing books that cultivates children’s knowledge of liberal arts and classics, culture and sensibility by publishing children’s books on a wide variety of subjects. YeaRimDang’s representative book, Why Educational Comic Book Series, sold over 86 million copies worldwide such as France, Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Russia, Macao, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mongolia and Middle East countries.


Business Description

1. Publishing
YeaRimDang is a comprehensive children's book publishing company with 50 years of history. Having published more than 2,000 books, we are expanding the range of books from elementary school students to infants and teenagers, and pioneering overseas markets through licensing and export.
Made a Partnerships with large corporations such as LGU and SK Btv, the top IP TV channel-holder.


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