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About You Can Star Co., Ltd. U-Can Star is a professional VR game developer. We have been developing since the early VR market in 2015, and now we have excellent VR development capability and know-how. Major developers have an average of more than 10 years of experience, specializing in adventure and FPS game production. We will make such VR contents steady by utilizing such experiences in virtual reality. In addition, when the VR platform market is fully established, the goal is to become a company that can play an important role in VR content development in the global market.


Business Description

Virtual Reality Contents - The Door
Augmented Reality Contents - 서울랜드 어린이 AR안전 체험관
PlayStation Contents - The Door
Mobile VR Contents - The Door for GearVR,DayDream
Vive VR Contents - The Door for Vive Episode 1 - Escape
Arcade Game - DaDaDac Champion


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