문화기반 패션제품

Year of Production
Product Type
Women's Wear


⚪ Purpose- Premium fashion centered on eco-friendly materials based on traditional
Korean culture
Expansion of lifestyle products through portfolio expansion in the future

⚪Characteristics – Eco-friendly products based on Korean cultural background
Clothing: Organic materials/natural dyeing
Feature : Ageless & Inclusive product

Company Profile


Isae FnC Co.,Ltd.

"The Story of ISAE"

Isae is a pure Korean word for a woman's [housework].

Things made at home for the family since ancient times

We sourced ingredients from nature and carefully crafted them by hand.

It was stylish using traditional techniques and contained a unique sense of the region.

ISAE is a total lifestyle brand that presents products with these values.

The Value of Sustainable Tradition

The value of sincerity completed with human fingertips

The value of the environment returning to nature after being used

ISAE creates precious values with materials from nature.

It is a brand that proposes a lifestyle in which the sky, the earth, and people can live happily together.

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