12th Planet

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The spacecraft 'Pioneer 12' arrived on a terrestrial planet.
The Planetary Migration Project with Human Survival Begins!

Seven pioneers born on the Pioneer 12, a spacecraft that landed on an exoplanet 60 light years away for human survival.
The story of "The Twelfth Planet" unfolds between the alien planet, which is their hometown, the sea, and the spacecraft.

The robot that manages the spacecraft system, 7 pioneers that Rachel grew.
For 19 years, those who have lived aboard a ship, reminiscent of military exercises, have their own secret parties in honor of their last birthdays... As the incident breaks out, an uncontrollable catastrophe is found.

Seven proneers who endured a military-like on-board life just looking forward to going to land.
The shocking truth that came to them on their 19th birthday is the reality of Rachel, the robot that has raised them. That it is a replica personality of a crooked individual trying to realize his hidden desire.
Now, the mission of life and death for the entire human race falls on the top of the pioneers' feet. Kill Rachel.
Rachel, a robot that grew seven pioneers on a incubator. It's got a lot of combat power that's better than a combat suit.
Getting rid of spacecraft, who's connected to a high-tech AI system, controlling everything about spacecraft... It's impossible. Without weapons to go beyond this.
A battle between a human will craving freedom and a perfectionist psycho robot begins!

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