19th century Modern Incheon VR tour

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Immerse yourself into 19th century modern Incheon. You can learn about Incheon's modern history and atmosphere through historic figures. There are 3 VR story type :

- Realtime Drama : you will feel like you were in the historic moment. Two stories are available (Chemulpo Social Club, Jajang noodle museum near Incheon port)
- Panoramic VR : you will be able to see the 19th century's scenery from the Observation Deck and China-Japan stairs
- Docent Ghost : Historic figures will explain their own Incheon related story to you.

Company Profile

Startup Immersive Content

Immersive Impact, Inc.

Immersive Impact, Inc is a "XR storytelling contents" provider specializing in history and culture.

Our contents is not made by plain game-style CGI, but by recreating historic events into heart-touching Mise-en-Scène stories. Also cinematographic real shooting based footage increase the visual beauty of our contents which led to high appraisal from our clients. Due to these characteristics, many global tourism related organizations show high interest on our contents.

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