A Christmas with Jam

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A story of the great love of a demon called Jam turned into a dog and Juseong Jam's good-hearted owner.

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Character Cartoon


KT+ Webtoon = KTOON
KTOON is a "national web site for cartoons" that is provided by KT, a national corporation(not government-owned) that leads the information and communications industry in Korea. KTOON makes it easy to enjoy cartoons anytime via wired or wireless Internet.

KTOON is a web site for cartoons provided by KT, which has been growing since it was established in July 2013.
Based on its competitiveness with differentiation from other sites, KTOON's excellent writer development infrastructure finds new artists and fosters them, not serializing the completed cartoons.
The webtoon content serialized in KTOON through the finding and fostering infrastructure is provided according to the customer's needs based on the genre, publishing day and marketing processes.
Based on our many years of experience in responding to customer needs through the mobile communication business, we are recommending works that suit target customers.

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