A Warm Love Created by a Crime Writer

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What if a prominent crime, action, and thriller writer writes romance?
“What are you going to write next?”
“I will write a romance story.”
“Pardon me?”
A prominent writer of bloody crime stories decided to write a pink romance.
His assistant is a romance writer who has had a crush on him for five years, looking
for his chance to win him over. What will happen to the one who steps into the belly
of the beast with his own free will?
“…Did you know? In the genre I used to write, if you touch someone while they’re
eating, you’d be met with a fist. If the dish used a knife like this...”-Crime writer Min Jeong-yun
“Did I tell you that it’s for readers over 19? Biting and sucking…”-Romance writer Seo Gong-hyeok

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We are RS Media, a comprehensive content creation company.
We are promoting webtoon and video business based on web novels.
In addition, we are actively exporting overseas so that Korean content can be recognized for its true value.

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