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TOAPING Reading Web is LMS(Learning Management System) based service that allows self-directed learning and learning history management through online work books and video lectures according to pre, during, and post-reading stages. Additionally, it provides motivation for reading through a gamification-based goal-oriented allowance service, where students can earn allowances and exchange gifts upon achieving monthly reading goals that are set.
TOAPING Reading App gathers data on new releases and popular books through web scraping and big data analysis. It provides personalized book recommendations based on individual interest areas. Through the feed feature, users can manage their reading history, rate books, participate in reading quizzes, and use the bookshelf function. These activities contribute to the accumulation of activity points, which are utilized in personalized book recommendations for each individual.

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PCNC Co., Ltd

PCNC Co., Ltd. is an EduTech Start-up established in 2018. We operate a web and mobile integrated reading support service called TOAPING, which is based on AI technology. We provide subscription-based services to schools and individual members to promote consistent reading habits and improve literacy skills among students. Additionally, we organize various online and offline events, such as reading quiz and online book review contents, in which many students can actively participate.

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