- AI-enhanced scalability turns IP content into infinite product possibilities - Ai-enhanced customization enables hyper-personalized content
Year of Production


□ SMITZ AI FanCard through Generative AI - a win-win for all market players
- The core feature is a customizable "fan card" that creatively recreates from fan's choice
of specific celeb/influencers.
→ After signing a contract, Sweetndata provides a web-link to sell the AI photo of influencers
themselves within a week.
→ Fans can customize their cards with various themes and styles
→ Redefining interactions between influencers and fans in unique and creative ways
→ Increase the collectible value of hybrid digital goods by linking NFTs and physical goods with AI
→ Connecting influencers and fans with non-sexualized content involved
→ Price differentiation based on influencer influence:
Nano: KRW 15,000, Micro, KRW 35,000, Macro: 150,000 KRW, Mega: 350,000 KRW

Company Profile

Sweetndata Inc

Character Startup Immersive Content

Sweetndata Inc

At Smitz, we are at the forefront of the AI revolution, transforming how imagery is created and experienced. Our advanced AI algorithms don’t just generate images; they infuse creativity and artistry into every pixel. We’re not just changing the game; we’re creating a new one where technology meets creativity, offering endless possibilities for digital expression.
Our technology seamlessly blends cutting-edge AI with the boundless creativity of human imagination, producing stunning, lifelike visuals. We are committed to pioneering new ways for people to engage with and create digital art, making the once-impossible, possible.

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