Alien Family Jolly Polly

Year of Production
Content Type
2D Animation
Target Age
11(min) 52Quantity Input
Production Stage
Completed Programs
Detailed Genre
Comic Action



Jelly planet got warm and exploded, and commander ordered the family to find a new planet for the whole Jolly Polly to live. During the journey, the space ship is broken and landed onto Noswell on the earth. Jolly Polly family lives like human in Noswell town in harmorny but in trouble. As the family of five (including Mom-jelly ‘Francoise’, Dad-jelly ‘Podo’, pretty daughter-jelly ‘Bella’, mischievous ‘Lo’, and their smart pet ‘Ya’) works on carrying out its plot to make the Earth turn cold.

Company Profile

Character Animation

StudioVandal Co,. Ltd

The best and only creative animation studio in Busan.
Implementing the whole process in animation studio of planning, production, and editing.
So far Studio Vandal has grown successfully and it’s become the best production company of flash animation in Korea.

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