Animal School HAMAHAMA

Year of Production
Content Type
TV Channel
Target Age
11(min) 52Quantity Input


1. Genre : Slapstick Comedy Edutainment
2. Running Time : 11Min x 52Eps
3. Target : 3~6 years old- Kids (Pre-school)
4. Synopsis
Fat rabbit 'Load' dreaming of becoming a ballerino

To solve the problem, he visits 'Woopy', a legendary physical education teacher at an Animal School, with a small hedgehog 'Hoody' from the basketball team and a crab 'Runner' going sideway from the track and field team. Will Load, Hoody, and Runner ever be able to correct their wrong lifestyle and solve their problems through their teacher Woopy and become the best athletes?

An animation of all-out children's health education for children's health and healthy growth "Animal School HAMAHAMA"

Company Profile

Studio Sangdan

Character Animation

Sangdan studio Co., Ltd.

Sangdan Studio Co.,Ltd. passionately works to create digital content and develop technology revolving around 3D animation.

It brings happiness to people through stories and images children and all generations relate to. In addition, it is a video specializing company that makes growth upon contents suitable for the global market with diversely linked businesses.

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