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Somday in Hanyang with Gogh
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Anigram is an XR content service that allows users to engage in conversations with AI LLM in virtual spaces, appreciate AI-based artworks, and enjoy exhibition culture.

By integrating VR, XR, and AI, Anigram aims to overcome the limitations of physical spaces through virtual environments, expanding the boundaries of creativity with AI-based media art.

Company Profile

Game Startup Immersive Content

Flyingstone co.

Flystone is a startup company that specializes in researching ways to depict reality within virtual spaces, both technically and culturally. The company has conducted research on chatbot AI to facilitate conversations, which is essential for bridging virtual and real worlds.

In addition, Flystone has attempted to connect metaverse spaces with blockchain technology. Recently, the company has been working on integrating generative AI-based technologies into XR (Quest3) environments.

Despite being in its early stages, Flystone is steadfastly walking the path to create value in a new world based on content.

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