ARVR digital content

Year of Production


AR Trampoline- AR photo zone trampoline, backgrounds change continously
Interactive Pitching Wall- Pitching experience using a giant ball pool +interactive wall
Multi-touch Table - Speed racing game enjoyed through a touch table and a screen wall
VR Simulation Game- Immersive shooting game using curved walls
MRX Bumper Cars- Immersive user experience to play bump cars
Augmented Climbing- An educational play experience that utilized AR

Company Profile


Arbor Lux Co., LTD

Arbor Lux Co., Ltd. is a VR production and distribution company established by a CEO and CTO with 20 years of experiece in the creative content industry. Using the network and know-how accumulated through living in Malaysia for 7 years and operating a local business there, we have been working with or partners to advance further into Southeast Asia.

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