Augmented Reality Educational Material

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•DandP Corporporation’s 2D AR Reading Book gives children many chances to have new experiences from the combination of a state-of-the-art technology called AR(Augmented Reality) and emotional storytelling.

The popup images in the augmented reality help the children imagine the story more vividly. Moreover, the interactive technology helps the children to communicate and get familiar with the characters implemented in the augmented reality, so it would be much easier to become friends.

•‘Augmented Reality applied poster for learning’ have applied digital technology to flat poster. . This is the new type product that did not exist in the former poster for learning, which have used interactive technologies. The objects moves when the user touches the device, and it is a system that they can do simple learning mini games and others.

Company Profile

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DNP Co., Ltd

D and P Corporation specializes in the production and service of fairy tales and learning stories for children over 3 years old. We are also producing images, augmented reality, virtual reality, 2D interactive augmented reality interactive e-books along with paper books. In addition, we are producing and distributing character products and animations based on 'Lion King Gaby' series. D and P F Corporation is a wonderful company that provides children with new experiences by combining creativity and technology.

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