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3D Animation
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BABYBUS is about adventure and story of Kiki and Myomyo, a panda twin brother and sister, which is based on Montessori-based educational content. It is watched by 400 million people daily in 144 countries in 19 languages through YouTube and 250+ BABYBUS applications. It has 9 language channels on YouTube and maintains the top-ranked YouTube viewer ranking in the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Korea, Japan, Greater China, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia. More than 200 apps have been released, and 15 of the top 20 apps in the Google Store Education app are ranked as BABYBUS. More than 3,000 videos have various subjects such as Kiki and Myomyo’s nursery rhyme world, Rescue Team BABYBUS, and role play theme.

Company Profile

Character Animation Startup Other

Cinnamon Company Co., Ltd.

Cinnamon Company is a brand agency based in Korea, representing IPs for pre-schooler; "BabyBus," loved in 144 countries with 19 languages through YouTube and over 200 Application; "Badanamu", an English learning content for kids, broadcasted over 100 countries; and "Hobi (Shimajiro)", originally from Japan, well-known for pre-schooler's learning daily habit.
We build up a brand through licensing business such as content distribution to all kinds of media platforms, merchandising, publishing by our own in-house publishing team, promotion, shows, etc.

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